Business Scope

Our Engineers perform all types of electrical and electronic repairs as well as the installation of equipment, automation systems and all things associated with a ship's electrical systems. Our staffs possess a wide array of Manufacturers certifications enabling us to perform work on many types of systems. We are also qualified for low voltage security and intelligence work which includes closed circuit, wireless, which very easily crosses over to terrestrial and petrochemical applications

Our staffs consist of certified and experienced electricians which are capable to perform all types of standard electrical repair, equipment and automation systems installations as is necessary on ships and further on terrestrial applications

Our mechanical fitters have specific experience in the overhauling and installing of all ship equipment and engines as well as all pumps, separators, hydraulic and boiler support

Pipefitters are steel workers who specialize in similar techniques as mentioned above, which are applied to piping rather than steel plating.

Though not as extensively certified as their counterparts, they are industrious in their uses and do possess the baseline industry and internationally certifications necessary to perform their work. All possess extensive work experience especially in maritime.

We specialize in all types of steel construction and specifically focus on structural construction from repair to new construction.